The specific details of how you were defrauded – by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska

I talked to one of our researchers and he wants Anna von Reitz to prove that all that was stated within this posting actually happened and if it actually happened was it with or without my consent!

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Your time-line (road-map) to explore the fraud and deception for yourself!

  1.  1754-1776: The “United Colonies” take shape as a loose political association, and the First and Second Continental Congresses result.
  2. 1776: The Colonies declare independence.
  3. 1781: The Articles of Confederation bind “States” — political subdivisions of the United Colonies – together in a “perpetual union”, creating a confederation of States to operate in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.   [Why a “confederation” instead of a “federation”?  –Because the original States gave up some of their natural jurisdiction to the new political entity, the Union, they created.]
  4. 1783: The Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Versailles cements this arrangement  splitting the land and sea jurisdictions between the States and the Federal Union and places King George III as Trustee of American interests on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” —which means he kept control of  American international commerce. …

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